Combined Private Investigations (CPI), is a corporate investigation firm, specialising in the investigation of non-ferrous metal theft, specifically focusing on syndicates targeting electrical networks for most of the electricity supply companies as well the railway networks.

In addition CPI secures and tracks high value cargo, with its unique robust locking mechanisms and its top of the range tracking device, for both road and rail transportation and logistics agents.

CPI also conducts investigations pertaining to the hi-jacking or theft of any non-ferrous metal or high valued cargo and prides itself in its excellent recovery levels.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified as well as B-BBEE level 4.

CPI’s services include but are not limited to:

Air support for tracking and tracing (Privately owned police helicopter)

Investigate all copper/non-ferrous metal thefts for large entities and state owned companies

Investigation of energy thefts (Illegal connections / theft of electricity)

Security risk assessments

Forensic Investigations

Escorting high value commodities

Information gathering on syndicates in order to apprehend and prosecute

Capturing information gathered on an intelligent data base

Deployment of undercover agents for corporate entities only

Deployment of static guards

and more


CPI recruited the best Technology Specialists in South Africa in order to manage the Designs, Implementations, Installations and Maintenance of these security systems.

CPI design, implement, install and maintain all types of security systems from CCTV to Facial Recognition as well as Cable Alarm monitoring systems to Human behavioral analysis.

Technology will be installed at critical sites to assist in apprehending those involved. Equipped with the latest technology such as tracking devices and alarm-monitoring systems, CPI performs physical and electronic surveillance to the highest industry standard (end-to-end solutions).

Off-site monitoring from the (SAIDSA-Registered) 24 Hour CPI National Operational Centre (NOC) includes that of Electronic security systems, aerial surveillance and observation stands, which serve as an integral part in ensuring CPI’s success.

With the assistance of this advanced centre, CPI can help clients respond to and overcome the genuine threat of complete corporate malfunction. CPI’s 24-hour National Control Centre (NOC) currently monitors over a thousand cameras. This figure is continuously increasing by means of “Monitoring by Exception”, which allows our technical controllers to handle each of the alarms with care. This technical team further monitors close to 300 pepper gas systems and performs controlled openings and closings for over 250 sites.


During 2009 CPI increased its capabilities substantially with the addition of its Aviation wing, allowing CPI to provide additional unique services to meet its clients’ needs.

CPI’s Robinson R44 Raven II Police Helicopter is equipped with the latest surveillance technology to ensure high levels of efficiency during both day and night operations. This technology includes a gyro stabilised FLIR, Thermal Imaging System, a Spectrolab search light as well as other essential law enforcement equipment.

Our highly qualified and experienced aviation team consists of several Pilots and Tactical Flight Officers, who are on standby 24/7 and can deploy to any part of South Africa when required.

Cargo Protection

Cargo Protection is a division of CPI that specialises in risk management of high value goods in transit. Cargo Protection is uniquely structured to offer a complete solution, comprising of traditional security methods, supported by hi-tech systems and equipment.

In keeping with their belief of Prevention is Better than Cure, Cargo Protection has their very own unique anti-theft and tamper alert products which work hand in hand with superior tracking technology.

In addition Cargo Protection has created water tight procedures and policies to prevent potential risk. Although Cargo Protection has a tried and tested Risk Management Solution, it considers each new clients needs in isolation designing the perfect solution to meet their needs and ensure their risk is managed

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Branch Numbers

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Cape Town:
+27 11 265 3600
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+27 12 542 9940
+27 11 362 2177
+27 14 001 1079
+27 18 468 1012
+27 56 212 1119
+27 13 010 1254
+27 13 492 1817

Other Information

Fax Number:
+27 11 265 3602
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Head Office Address:
33 New Road
Halfway House
Midrand, 1685
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