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About Us

Combined Private Investigations (CPI) was formed in 2002 and it has always been our vision to set the benchmark for integrated intelligence driven investigations, whilst cultivating a reputation for exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations.  Through our commitment to high standards, we invest and develop our most important assets, our staff.  Our goal is to change the way clients think about safety and security, basing all decisions on our guiding CPI BEST values:

During 2009 CPI increased its capabilities substantially with the addition of its Aviation wing, allowing CPI to provide additional unique services to meet its clients’ needs.

CPI’s Robinson R44 Raven II Police Helicopter is equipped with the latest surveillance technology to ensure high levels of efficiency during both day and night operations. This technology includes a gyro stabilised FLIR, Thermal Imaging System, a Spectrolab search light as well as other essential law enforcement equipment.

Our highly qualified and experienced aviation team consists of several Pilots and Tactical Flight Officers, who are on standby 24/7 and can deploy to any part of South Africa when required.

Why choose us

The Best In This Industry

CPI recruited the best Technology Specialists in South Africa in order to manage the Designs, Implementations, Installations and Maintenance of these security systems.

Equipped With The Latest Tech

Technology will be installed at critical sites to assist in apprehending those involved. Equipped with the latest technology such as tracking devices and alarm-monitoring systems, CPI performs physical and electronic surveillance to the highest industry standard (end-to-end solutions).

All Types Of Systems

CPI design, implement, install and maintain all types of security systems from CCTV to Facial Recognition as well as Cable Alarm monitoring systems to Human behavioral analysis.

Overcome The Genuine Threats

With the assistance of this advanced centre, CPI can help clients respond to and overcome the genuine threat of complete corporate malfunction. CPI’s 24-hour National Control Centre (NOC) currently monitors over a thousand cameras. 

Off-Site Monitoring

Off-site monitoring from the (SAIDSA-Registered) 24 Hour CPI National Operational Centre (NOC) includes that of Electronic security systems, aerial.

Meet Roy Robertson

Conductor/Cable theft in Eskom escalated between the periods 1990 to 1992.  During 1993 Eskom requested the assistance of the SAPS – Truck Theft Unit – which later changed its name to the “Transit Theft Unit”. This specialised Unit which was dedicated to Eskom, investigated the thefts of conductors/cables under guidance and leadership of Mr Roy Robertson who was then the SAPS Commander.

Due to the efforts of the Unit, there was a marked decrease in incidents of conductor/cable theft for the period 1993 to 1998.
 This division was then closed down by the Department of SAPS. During the period 1998 to 2002 the situation changed dramatically with there being a 500% escalation of conductor/cable thefts, causing Eskom to re-activate strategies to address the situation.
Later in 2002 Commander (Roy Robertson) of the Unit later negotiated a permanent mandate with the Head Office of the SAPS to continue investigating conductor/cable thefts and after numerous successes, hence the formation of Combined Private Investigations “CPI”.The rest of the “Truck Theft Units” Nationally were tasked to follow suite along the same lines as the example set by the Unit Commander.


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